Dairy-free cheeseburger casserole


The other night I created a recipe that was so good, I even surprised myself. I went dairy free in September of 2017 and for the most part try and stay completely away from dairy. But this begs a problem when you would like cheeseburger casserole, I mean, amirite?

I believe on my Instagram page, I wrote “think hamburger helper and Keto having a coming to Jesus…” or something like that but officially that was one of my better quotes. I have a real way with words, I tell ya.

Anyway, why you are here, for the recipe, of course. If you missed my story of how I created this dairy free cheesy deliciousness or are just now tuning in, it’s your lucky day. Save this, send it to your friends, or just hoard the recipe and show off as much as possible and make it when friends come over, have my chocolate chip pie for dessert and you’ll love me forever.


3 zucchini or one spaghetti squash

1 pack mushrooms

1 purple onion

1 pound ground beef

4 cans coconut milk

6 tablespoons BRAGGS nutritional yeast

2 tablespoons red pepper flakes

2 tablespoons garlic

1 tablespoon salt

2 tablespoons pepper

(salt/pepper – you may need more/less)

Dice up or spiralize your zucchini. If you are using spaghetti squash, go ahead and bake that ahead of time to it will be ready for your casserole.

The difference between using spaghetti squash and zucchini is really up to you, but in my opinion, the zucchini makes it a little more watery and the squash soaks up some of that sauce and it’s more cheesy instead of more liquid cheese. I can say both are absolutely wonderful. I like to dry out my zucchini first by dicing it ahead of time, adding salt and leaving it out to essentially dry out.

Add your zucchini to the bottom of your 9×13 casserole dish, throw a pack of diced mushrooms (uncooked on top) and sauté your meat and onion together with oil or ghee.

While all this is happening, head over to your blender and add one entire can of coconut milk, and then the other three cans just add the top, thicker part to the blender. So, to review, one entire can and the other three cans just the thicker part of the coconut milk, add your BRAGGS nutritional yeast and all your spices and blend. GET REALLY EXCITED BECAUSE YOU JUST FLIPPING MADE CHEESE. But you didn’t. It just taste like cheese. But pretty much you’re a genius. Pat yourself on the back, don’t get cheese on your back though, be careful.

Walk over to the living room and brag to your husband, tell the kids, text your mom. Pride, yall..

By this time, you have your zucchini, mushrooms and meat mixture in your casserole dish, now pour the cheese sauce on top and spread it out as best you can and throw it in your oven at 350 for about an hour.

When it comes out, its gonna be liquid-y.  Don’t worry, its going to stay more liquid than you probably want, but remember its more of a gravy cheese sauce than a thick cheese sauce, and you will want to serve it in a bowl.

I didn’t serve mine with any sides, because really, everything you need is there in the dish, you know? It’s a dairy-free Keto dream.

If you aren’t dairy free, and want to do cheese, I would do this the same way but instead of your cheese mixture, I would mix the one can of coconut milk (just the thicker top part) with one 8 oz bag of (I prefer the Mexican cheese blend) cheese and some crushed red pepper, salt and pepper and then pour on top.

Then you can laugh at all the dairy-free folks (ME!) because you’re having the real thing.

Who’s the real winner here?

Make this and let me know what you think! It’s a perfect meal and just so good!

P.S. I don’t count macros personally so I won’t ever post macros for the most part, but plug your ingredients into my fitness pal and you’ll be good to go.IMG_9694


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