Radical Radish Hashbrowns


Y’all, let’s talk hash browns…errr…with radishes.

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I made these hashbrowns the other day out of sheer, “I want hashbrowns and what do I have in my kitchen?” I make radishes all the time as replacement for potatoes, but had never tried them with eggs for breakfast. I went in leary but the outcome was “Mmmmm Brad, these are so good (with a mouth full) I’ll be making these again!” And I have, because I can geek out about a weird food combo that is actually awesome, ESPECIALLY if I can take credit, I mean, let’s just be for real.

R-r-r-r-radical Radish Hashbrowns

10-12 radishes (more the merrier)

1/2 red onion

3/4 c diced green peppers (TIP:they sell these in the freezer section at most grocery stores pre-diced and I like to keep a bag of onions and peppers in the ‘frig at all times)

spoonfull of ghee or grapessed oil

garlic, salt and pepper

Dice your radishes while you pre-heat your skillet and melt your ghee or oil, add all your ingredients, salt, pepper and garlic and let “cook down.” Turn the heat down to medium and cook for ten minutes and then flip, stir, move them…you may need to add more oil or ghee at this point, but let them continue to cook down like hashbrowns would. They will start to even look like hashbrowns. Let them continue to cook over medium heat covered until they are the desired color and crispness you desire.

I served mine with scrambled eggs and tessemaes ketchup and ate every bite with joy.


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