Shephards Pie


What started out as an idea, turned into a meal and turned into my husband’s favorite Keto Whole30 meal we have had in a while.

This was so good and hearty and left you feeling like there was a crisp fall breeze in the air and you are just about to cheer on your favorite football team

Yes, that good.

Note: Simoultaniously the moment I created this website, my DSLR camera broke, so bear with the phone pics until we get my camera up and running. When it rains, it pours, amirite?

The best part of a crockpot meal is you can’t really mess this up, you can impress your guest with not a whole lot of effort but it makes you look real real good. I like that. I’m all about the show without much effort. Can I get an amen? I say all this but this recipe actually had a lot of moving parts, so maybe a little more work than easy but it still all comes togther quite simply so there’s that.
Also, I am long winded. You already figured that out?


2 pounds ground beef

spinach (entire bag)

onions, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes (I used vegetables that are Whoe30 approved, not your typical vegetables you would use in shephards pie)

4 tablespoons primal palate garlic and herb seasoning, salt and pepper

Brown your meat in a skillet, you want to use lots of meat for this to be meat filled and super hearty. Meat and the “potatoes” are the main attraction here, so don’t skip out on the meat. Brown your meat with lots of garlic, salt and pepper and then drain. Add to your vegetables that you have already thrown in the crockpot. You are going to let this cook for about five hours or all day on low. You want everything to combine and the flavors to blend, but you are not waiting on anything to “cook” so you can leave it in the crockpot as long or as little as you would like.


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