Daily Ketosis Dishes

Y’all. My heart is still on blast after my first DailyKetosisDishes! We had the best day start to finish. Wanna know a little secret? I was still blowing my hair dry when you all started arriving!

We were having such a good time cooking and getting ready for the event, I kinda forgot to shower and get ready until the very end! But we had the best time, I had the best time, it was such a good day! I shared my story, from weight loss, self esteem and infertility and tried to encourage and motivate you as I shared my heart.

We ate all the keto foods that I prepared for you (with the help of some friends coming in clutch!) . We had chicken salad, broccoli salad, five different quiches, a beautiful kale salad, berries with mint and all the pies, coconut, chocolate chip and lemon. We had one piece, three pieces, didn’t matter. I hugged your neck, told you “yes you can girl!” and said we’d do it again and I meant every word.

Thank you to everyone who came, the presents you gave me, the smiles you showed me. Thank you for always giving me part of you. I am truly grateful to walk along side you in this life journey.

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