Dairy Free Summer Wedge Salad


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I feel like I need to sing “summer lovin, having a blast…” from Greece as I write this to you. You know I prefer to keep my diet dairy-free, with the occasional dairy treat but we’re mostly conscious of dairy in this house. I have really noticed a change in this PCOS body going dairy free and bloating and both are not awesome but more controlled with no dairy, so I do what I can to avoid it.

But y’all I am obsessed with a good wedge. I feel like if they were uglier it would be easier to resist but the dang things are just pretty, you know? I wanted to create something a little easier to eat (also whole foods was out of iceberg is the real answer) and dairy free, so this is what we came up. We = I. (I really miss the emojis on a computer because I really need about a bakers dozen of those laughing faces right about now followed with ole rolly eye.)


I just bought a bag of mixed greens, threw some Tessemae’s (dairy free) ranch on top, then layered bacon + radishes + chives. A traditional wedge would have iceberg in the place of mixed greens, and then blue cheese dressing and blue cheese bits sprinkled, so what I’m saying is maybe this is just a salad but I wanna call it a wedge, so there.

Add you some deviled eggs that my mama likes to called angeled…let is go, Jane, let is GO, just call them deviled.

Deviled Eggs

Boil you eggs, let cool, cut in half, scoop out all your yolks into a bowl and mix with mayo until smooth, salt, pepper, dry mustard, pinch of sweetener. Scoop the now creamy yolk mixture back into your egg whites and sprinkle with paprika ’cause we’re fancy.

Add some protein, or buy some, I just added some rotisserie chicken you see above and call it a meal, or a salad or a wedge, but not a wedgie – that’s too much.

And don’t omit the radishes just because you think you don’t like them, dip them in ranch and you’ll be fine!


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