Best wings you’ll ever taste, swear.


Have you made my wings, yet? No? Well, run get you some and come back, I’ll wait.

Got em? Great.

The great thing about these wings is you can cook them from frozen or thawed, one doesn’t do better than the other and you’ll impress anyone you make these for, even yourself. It’ll be a quiet dinner because you will be so busy eating.

Lay your frozen or thawed wings out on a baking sheet with parchment paper and brush well with olive oil, and then (secret) sprinkle with baking powder. Yes. Baking pawder makes them crunch like you just fried them up or stopped by buffalo wild wings! After you add your oil and baking powder, add your wet or dry rub, I love a good dry rub, and usually do a salt and vinegar and a blackened seasoning, sprinkle with garlic and salt, really the options are endless.

Cook for one hour at 400 and then devour, I love to serve these with turnip fries, or something fry like…radishes! The thing is sometimes they’re so good, that’s all you want so that becomes your meal.

You’re going to love them!



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