So, what is keto anyway?


Many people ask me in my day to day life, “So what exactly is the ketogenic diet? What is keto?” And while if you don’t eat the ketogenic diet, the word alone can make it sound super complicated, and then when you throw in “…and you don’t really eat carbs…” That’s where you lose them. Give me a roll and the butter.

ke·toi·gen·ic di·et
  1. a diet that tends to promote the metabolic formation of ketone bodies by causing the body to use fat (rather than carbohydrate) as its principal energy source.
    “snacks require a bit of planning when you’re following a ketogenic diet, but there are plenty of tasty low-carb options available”

Here is how I usually respond to the question, “What is keto?” I say, “Oh, it’s high fat, low carb and moderate protein…” Then they say, “What does that mean? What do you eat?” I tell them “I eat lots of good meats, cooked in good fats, with veggies, and then get creative!”

“But what do you do for fat?” I tend to do mostly dairy free, so while you can have cheese on the keto diet and that is perfectly fine for some people, it really doesn’t agree with my body, so I tend to eat good oils. I like avocado oil, olive oil and grape seed oil, avocados and dairy free clean mayos are all easy and good sources of fat.

I don’t tend to get to worried about my protein intake while I am actively working out and since I do Intermittent Fasting {we will discuss this later} my food is pretty limited within a eating window of eight hours. I prefer, as should you, my protien to be organic and grass-fed and as clean as possible. I keep primal kitchen brand in my kitchen, most all are dairy free, their mayos are CLUTCH and Whole30 approved! Their mayos are a super lazy keto hack for me.

Easy school of thought, be conscious of your fat intake. I don’t count macros but I do try and make sure that my meals are pretty well-balanced ketogenically. Meaning, I try and get a protein, fat and not many carbs in each meal.

If you make a salad, add some fatty grass-fed meat to it, steak or chicken thighs, and if you prefer the leaner cuts of meat, get a good vinegarette (again with the primal kitchen!) for that salad, so you are getting lots of fat with your dressing and not even “adding” anything you wouldn’t normally have.

If you are eating keto for weight loss: limit (or eliminate) your dairy, including grass-fed butters, nuts and nut butter and artificial sweeteners.  Eliminating those things will most likely break a stall and you will see the scale move.

If you are doing keto for a cleanse: my suggestion is following the Whole30 principles but keep it super low carb. Get creative in your kitchen and drink water. Stay hydrated.

There are MANY different ways to eat keto correctly. It is a way of eating that you can really personalize for you. But my biggest suggestion, is to keep it clean. Keto, just like any other “diet” or way of eating when it becomes mainstream,  suddenly 567 companies are keto as well, and you can buy many processed foods to help you eat lazy keto. This will work for you short-term, but if you want keto to last long-term, really try your best to keep your keto diet as clean as possible.

After two and a half years, I have found great success eating this way, but almost all of my success has been when I am eating clean keto.

Hope this helps you.

*all opinions are my own from my own two and a half year keto journey.






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