Seafood. Clams. Easy.

Clams are so easy to create and impress your friends, y’all.

Because they are CLAMS, they set a stage for beauty and then your friends will just go on and on how they can’t believe that you know how to make clams, and you can laugh, throw the dishtowel on your other shoulder and say, “well, you know…” Totally not revealing that:

You poured a large boiling pan about 1/4 full of water, and 1/4 cull of bone broth (for flavor) – you can use all water. Brought that liquid to a boil, added clams, boiled for 6 minutes and done.IMG_2807.jpgFor sure don’t tell them that.

Pour the water out, add a dollop or two of butter on top (or don’t) some parsley if you’re really getting crazy, and call it a meal. I like to swerve these with radishes. I posted my radish recipe a few posts below.

So good you are sure to impress your friends, or yourself!

P.S. Make sure when you buy your clams at your local grocery store, we tend to get ours at Whole Foods – that they do not seal the bag shut, the clams need room to breath so make sure they are not sealed!

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