How I Make My Coffee.


I kid you not, I get more than my share of daily questions about my coffee. What is in it? How do I make it? Where do I get everything? People assuming it’s bulletproof… Everything, and honestly I feel like I tell everyone every day how I make it, but somewhere we are not communicating well, guys. Is it me, is it you?  Let’s just assume it’s me. That way there’s a reason for this post.IMG_3563Also noted: I am writing this AT a coffee shop. The Well in Brentwood, Tennessee. I am trying my best to shield the screen from an eavesdropper (hey dude!) at the next table because this IS titled “How I Make My Coffee…” I risk embarrassment and he saying,

“Hey sister, you’re at a coffee shop. Who cares! Go order another.”

“Watch it dude. The people want to know this.”

You do, right?551F924F-A53A-489F-B103-15CC8C79B5BDA few years ago, Brad and I bit the bullet and bought the coffee maker of my dreams, a moccamaster in bronze. We justified it by saying IF we had a nice coffee maker, we would stop spending money at coffee shops (I know, I know…stop rolling your eyes, and stop laughing eavesdropper!) but honestly, it has significantly cut back on the morning coffee runs. And with that moccamaster, we also added a nespresso frother which honestly has changed the morning coffee game for me. It takes your coffee from boring home coffee to fancy coffee shop coffee in about the time it takes to make an instagram story. So, real quick.C82AE9DD-4392-4FB5-83F1-21D8A2DA5572I prefer Starbucks pike place blend to brew, it makes such a rich pot of coffee and once you add your frothed goodness, it really makes your morning very energetic. See what I did there? Energy, caffeine.

Once the coffee has brewed, I start my frother concoction. We bought both our frother and moccamaster at Williams-Sonoma, but I have seen the Nespresso frother at Target on occasion.

For the frother, I religiously exclusively use nutpods (JESSICA15 saves you 15% off your order at checkout) and primal kitchen collagen (DK10 will save you 10% off anything on Primal Kitchens site), occasionally I add some perfect keto MCT oil powder (DAILYKETOSIS saves you 15% off anything at Perfect Keto) but don’t add it daily. I am a big believer in MCT oil, but don’t love “oily” coffee but do love the MCT oil powder in my coffee.

I add the nutpods, I prefer the hazelnut flavor. Turn my frother on with the quick punch of a button, and once it starts to spin add my scoop of collagen. I LOVE the chocolate and the vanilla equally well and use whatever I have on hand, so no preference there. The collagen doesn’t smell, and sweetens your coffee perfectly. When I am doing a Whole30 round I will just use the unflavored collagen, which is Whole30 approved. There is no sweetness to that unflavored one, but still froths so beautifully with the nutpods that it adds a great texture and richness to your coffee that you’re gonna want to come over and hug me.

3CA1199C-AA73-4610-8BAB-547BF8C6C504I like to pour in my mixed (in the frother) collagen, nutpods and (MCT powder if I used it) BEFORE I pour in my hot brewed coffee, because it mixes better and you don’t just have the goodness on top but throughout, does that make sense?

I am passionate about this process, can you tell?

The best part, is it only dirties the frother (which is what it should do) and you don’t have a blender, or nutrabullet to clean up, just your frother! Great coffee AND no clean up.

And I promise, reading this post takes way longer than making this coffee. It’s a healthy addiction and collagen is so good for you! Oh, and best part is its dairy-free so it leaves you with no morning bloat and you can avoid the heavy whipping cream and I PROMISE  YOU, nutpods froth equally as well.

No fancy frother? Just get a hand frother on amazon – pour some nutpods in your coffee cup, heat it for twenty seconds in the microwave and then when you pull it out, add your collagen and MCT oil powder. Hand froth the three ingredients. Because your nutpods have been heated, it will really turn out wonderfully. Pour in your freshly brewed coffee and it’s like we are sitting on the porch together drinking our twin cups of coffee catching up on life.

Don’t you love that? I know I do.


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  1. Thank you so much for introducing me to Nutpods. I don’t like anything coconut, so I never would of try the Nutpods if you hadn’t show me them. My favorite is the French Vanilla and you are so right it froths to a creamy cup of delicious coffee

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