How @dailyketosis was born.


I was talking to my friend the other day and she said, “how did you start dailyketosis?” And it’s funny when I get that question, because I just assume everyone knows my story, how dailyketosis was birthed, but maybe not – so I’d like to tell you today.IMG_3890I started dailyketosis over on instagram as an outlet to: 1. get away from my personal page, morrisonlane. AND 2. to hopefully have some accountability in losing weight.

  1. I think your natural tendency would be to say, “just walk away, stop the scroll…” and yes, you make a good point, smartie. BUT I truly love instagram, I love the forum of looking at a picture while telling a story. With a background in photography, it’s so visually appealing to me to peer into other people’s lives maybe that I know or don’t know. BUT what happened was I watched as some of my friends and people I followed have one, two…even six babies. I scrolled through and saw those babies at all my fertility appointments, miscarriages…I was seeing their life and wanted it to be mine. It was crushing me, but like everyone else, it’s so hard to look away when you need to so I just watched and became bitter that their babies were not mine…
  2. All while this was happening, I was desperate to find answers in my own health and hoping that finding answers would solve some of my fertility issues. So one random February day, I thought to myself, “I am going to create a page that I can post everything I eat and maybe that will keep me accountable.” I didn’t know hardly anything about keto, the weight loss community, nothing. I just knew I needed a new space, one that didn’t include children where I could refocus my focus.

Still to this day, I don’t follow many people. I have a rule that I won’t follow anyone that distracts me from my goal. I hardly follow anyone that has children or posts them on social media, because that’s what my other page is for… Dailyketosis is my page, my weight loss page, where I can only focus on my job to lose weight and create a healthy living space for me and hopefully birth a child. The biggest surprise was and still is…that people started following me and together we have created a thing. A space to come and grow and learn.IMG_3891

It has been such a richness in my life and my page is truly one of my very favorite things in life because it is a place I can pour into my soul and whatever overflows I give to you. 

The infertility thing? It’s still a sad, but a hopeful presence in my life. It’s one that I will never understand even when I am chasing my babies. But it is one, had I not had to walk through, I wouldn’t have found you. And as much as you delight me with each like, comment, etc…you have filled this mama’s soul to the brim while she waits patiently for the next phase of life.

One that watches Brad catch our little girl as she makes it to the bottom of the slide, one that is waking up exhausted because the baby is sick again, one that doesn’t even has time to chronicle Vern’s every move because there are babies to keep alive.

You saved my heart. You did. And as silly as that sounds, being able to create a space where I can create, thrive and grow while knowing what my heart is truly after has really healed a large part of my heart and soul.

Thank you isn’t enough, even if you just found this blog, my instagram today. Because you are here, you are giving back to me and in giving back to me, I can learn to give more of myself to you.

And like I said, I can’t wait for this story to change. The story of longing, heartbreak, but I will always know that it happened to me. It is my story and one no one can write but myself, and because it is truly mine, I plan on making it the very best page turner I can and navigate the words to heal your heart as well as mine.

And that’s how dailyketosis was born. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.IMG_3893


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