Keto Lemonade Freezer Pops!

I loved a freezer pop back in the day, errr summer 2018.

“Excuse me, Mother. Am I in your way?”

My friend Elsie posted on her instagram about these reusable make your own freezer pop pouches and it didn’t take me long to head to amazon and have my package on the way. “I mighta been born at night but it wasn’t last night!” -Moms favorite saying that I like to pull outta my pocket for such a time as this. Important.

Anyway, I ordered those things and in a hot minutes made some keto electrolyte freezer pops. You can make anything with them, I mean, heck freeze some water!

Seriously though, I made two different recipes and wanted to share them with you! What a treat, like for real. I add lots of unnecessary words when I’m super pumped about things in life and in writing, so I can’t even help it.IMG_1573

Lemonade electrolyte Freezer Pops with or without Blueberries

Blend together 16 oz water, 2 scoops of lemonade GoUltima electrolye powder and 12 blueberries and pour your 16 ounces equally into your pouches, freeze – lick!

And if you prefer just a lemonade pop, don’t add the blueberries, the options are limitless!


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