Easy Rare Steak with Veggies + shrimp

I dated a guy once that ate his steak super rare and I would always joke, “you only order it that way so no one will ask for a bite!” Then I met Brad, my husband, and he likes his steak rare as well and after almost eight years of marriage, I have come around to the rare side.

There’s plenty of ways to make a rare steak, but I have found making it right on the stove top is the best way. I like to make mine in a cast iron slotted skillet for the pretty lines and this way it turns out right every time.

You can get any cut of meat, but I love a thicker cut fatty steak. The vegetables are optional but I highly suggest vegetables, good and good for you.

Steak with Veggies

I large thicker cut steak

Seasoning (I prefer a wet and dry rub)

3 tablespoons of olive oil

Let your steak reach room temperature before cooking. While it is reaching room temperature, go ahead and oil your skillet and add your vegetables with room for the steak. Add the steak and cook on one minute each side for a total of four minutes.

One minute, flip.

One minute, flip.

One minute, flip.

One minute, flip.

Four minutes your steak is ready to go. Take it off the burner and let cool for ten minutes before serving, while it is “cooling” it will also continue to cook perfectly. Steak and vegetables are ready for dinner!

(I made the shrimp in a separate pan and just added this for the picture.)

If you’d like to make the shrimp, I just added an entire bag of frozen shrimp to a skillet with salt, pepper, olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon. I covered them and cooked them about 8-10 minutes until they were nice and pink. Peeled them and ate them. YUM.




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