Come on in, October.


October I am going to do something fun! I am going to blog daily. It might be a recipe. It might be life. It might be short and sweet. But I am going to commit to you which means I have to commit to me to post every day this month. I love to write and I love a silly challenge. I also love to take pictures, so I belong here.

Let’s catch up, shall we? The last of September, Brad and I headed to work for a few days and we got some fun time with the kids I nanny.

I wrote this entire blog just so I could post this picture, which should be an ad for those greek yogurt popcicles.

24 hours after we got home, Peggy started acting weird and by morning she couldn’t stand. It was as scared as we had been for a while:


She ended up having to stay overnight at the hospital and we were able to get her the net day around lunch. She was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease so we will be learning all we can about how it affects her in the weeks to come. She has been home two solid days now and just today she seems a little more on her game, we still are nervous and saying her name all the time and checking her breathes and body temperature. She is very much like, “Mom. Dad. Chill.” But you already know we have no chill when it comes to our dogs, so she’s stuck with us making her crazy as her little body heals.

I have a girls trip planned for October for a few days, where I plan to be off my phone and just enjoying life. As I am writing, I am thinking to myself, “you just committed to a month of every day blogs, sister!” So I guess that means I will be writing ahead, maybe logging in some recipes for you…or making up what we are doing…you will never know the difference!

October is the month I struggle…with…waiting to put up the tree. I want to put it up every day and every day that I wait feels disappointing. I have enough self-control (and a husband that would think I’m crazy putting a tree up in October!) that I wait until November. I really want a white tree this year for my girly ornaments. We will see how good a deal I can get on amazon.

That’s all today, I will leave you with my boy Verny in his element. Chasing Santa and wearing his bowtie posing for the camera.

Thank you again for all the prayers for Peggy. I felt them every day and as she continues to heal we are so thankful.

See you tomorrow!



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