Moving it around.

I came home from work today with a little nervous energy. We have a ton going on personally, the change of seasons, makes me always want to change everything in the house. But since that is unreasonable and not budget friendly, moving the couch and end tables seem to be more reasonable AND budget friendly.IMG_2089Thankfully, I always have a model willing and ready to not only Vanna White the new living room arrangement but look so dang cute doing it. I had gotten these buffalo check pillows on amazon for $9.99 and they were the inspiration behind the entire presto change-o living room.IMG_2093I really like them, and just knew I had some pillow forms stuffed in a closet somewhere but it appears that I have Marie Kondo-ed myself right out of pillow forms, so I guess I will have to find two more pillow forms that “bring me joy” for those plaid pillows. My cup runneth over.IMG_2095As I have told you, Peggy had a super scare and was diagnosed with Addison’s disease, and has since been a little off. She hasn’t had an appetite since she had to stay in the hospital last Thursday, which is stressful. I finally today went and bought some chicken thighs, carrots and fresh green beans and put them in the crock pot and she finally ate some from my hand today. Which is so unlike her, but at least she ate some. I think we may call the doctor again tomorrow and figure out a game plan moving forward with a pup with Addison’s disease.IMG_2097I swear, y’all. He poses for the camera. Brad does the same thing. If I have the camera, I can count on one of them being photo ready. Peggy and I struggle and need a treat and a lot of prodding to really bring our A-game to the lens. IMG_2087Lastly, I made these pizzas tonight with Ray’s The Valley crust and will be doing a giveaway today for the next 48 hours on my instagram page so make sure you head over there and enter. I love these little crust, they are small and perfect for kids or a few for adults. They are dairy free and just delicious – and the carbs make them keto friendly, which you know I love.

Okay, I have successfully blogged three days in a row. Do I get a cookie? Oh, just pizza? That’ll do.

See you tomorrow!


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