Sweater Weather.


Peggy continues to improve. Just now, I noticed her jumping on the ottoman beside me with her crocodile in her mouth which speaks volumes on how she is feeling. I feel really thankful. We’ve been so worried.

Brad took this picture of me Sunday outside of Petco when we were trying to find a food that Peggy would eat. I thought it turned out so cute, I struggle in front of the camera lots, but am really working on getting a little more comfortable and a little more natural. Brad always says, “shoulders back, laugh, act natural…put a little grease in the gears…” and then ten other things I probably shouldn’t repeat, but it does make me laugh…ACS_0027

The Ingrid sweater is from Painted Pretty Shop, I am wearing a M/L here and its so comfy! Big and baggy but fitted through the arms, I really like it. JESSICA10 will save you 10% on the sweater, and I promise if you get it, you will love it.

Short and sweet tonight. Once I made a commitment to you and to me to write daily the bottom fell out and I had A DAY and the last thing I wanted to do was grab my computer, but I already feel better, I kept my commitment and we are moving and grooving.

Gotta run, Santa has just been rudely thrown on my chest and I have a very insistent 6 pound poodle tapping my arm with his paw waiting for the toss.

P.S. We had some simple taco salads for dinner tonight and they were easy, dairy free and pretty mess free too!

See ya tomorrow,



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