As I have said before Peggy really saved our hearts when we had our first miscarriage so when she got so critically ill last week it just has wiped us out. Noted: Brad and I are both super passionate people and feel all the feels all the time.

FInally I was able to get her to eat some Whole30approved hot dogs last night (please don’t message me and tell me that’s not good for her. At this point and about a week of not eating, desperate times.) I looked up the ingredients and they were all dog friendly and she ate and ate little small bites out of my hand. Buster got one every twentieth bite and totally knew he was getting the extreme short end of the stick, but let’s be honest he usually gets the entire stick, so he’s fine. She ate more out of my hand this morning and even more at lunch, and she has been a little more active today.

She feels less scary now.

I have to work later today so I wanted to go ahead and check in – since a blog a day this month, and many of you have checked on our sweet girl and I wanted to keep you in the know.

I just snapped these pictures and stinker Vern OF COURSE had to get right in the middle of the first shot because he wants to make sure you have not forgotten about him in Peggy’s plight of misery.

She’s better. She is ready for a weekend. So is her mama.IMG_2099IMG_2103IMG_2108IMG_2115IMG_2110


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  1. Hope and pray that she is on the mend , so hard right ? Don’t you wish puppies could talk to us especially when they are not feeling well

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