Weightloss 101


I have had such a struggle with my weight for most of my life. And through the years I have learned weightloss is way more mental that what you eat. Here’s some things I have learned along the way. I for sure don’t have it all figured out but I do love walking hand in hand with women who are learning as well.

1. Be consistent. Don’t start, stop, start, stop.
2. Don’t “diet” Change your lifestyle. Diets are temporary. Lifestyle is forever.
3. If you don’t think you can do #2 just eat clean. Eat whole, good for you foods.
4. Eat real food more than fake food always.
5. One day at a time. IF you mess up and eat 789 pringles and 14 pieces of cake, that was a moment or a day, wipe off those crumbs and get back to it.
6. You’re human. You’re NOT going to be perfect every day.
7. You’re going to be tired and want to stop. That’s when you keep pushing the play button until it sticks.
8. Don’t celebrate good times with food.
9. But also, it’s okay to eat ice cream with your children.
10. If everyone is losing ten pounds a week and you’re losing .1 per week maybe…you’re probably not doing it wrong.
11. Figure out what foods your body doesn’t like. I found out my body doesn’t love dairy and it’s been a game changer for me.
12. Live YOUR LIFE. Be happy. Enjoy the days. Don’t let your weight consume your every thought.
13. Be proud of your progress. Be proud of the Foods you are choosing to consume. Be proud of you.


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