Bangkok Market // Nashville, TN

Brad and I went to Vietnam last year in November and before that but especially now, we love going to international grocery stores and roaming the isles. Dreaming bout our next trip to Asia or (me) checking the carb content of every thing (favorite past time) and seeing what good and healthy choices may be there that we can eat.IMG_7194Our favorite is Bangkok Market on the Berry Hill area of Nashville. It’s a good day if we can go to the theatre close by, lunch at Vui’s Kitchen and end with a trip to Bangkok Market.IMG_7195We love the fresh vegetable and fruit section, Brad ALWAYS gets a dragonfruit and we both like looking at all the different kinds of meat. We usually always leave with jalapeno and shrimp and pho broth and then try out new things as well, but those are the usual staples.IMG_7196Brad has been allergic to shrimp his entire life and when we were in Vietnam, he accidentally had some and he didn’t get sick, so we have started getting shrimp from the waters in Asia (which Bangkok Market has as opposed to our local grocery store where I last checked they were farmed in Ohio. HA!) and he can have them and enjoy them and doesn’t get sick. It’s opened up an entire new food group for us, it’s awesome!IMG_7197If you are in Nashville it is worth a trip to this little piece of Asian heaven and they even have cooking classes that YOU KNOW we signed up for – can’t wait for that to happen. We are told it will happen before Thanksgiving so stay tuned!

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