Lamb Marinara Sauce with Newdles

Another “use what you have covid 19 crisis in our world and at the grecery stores” recipe. When Brad came home a few days ago and handed me ground lamb and said, “this is all they had…” I knew I wanted to make something fun with it, besides meatballs (my go-to) and I wanted spaghetti and had some newdles I needed to use – so I dug through the pantry to see what I could find and the end result was so good. I even got a “Man, babe. Dinner was incredible.” 

2 tablespoons of olive oil

1 pound of ground lamb (or meat of your choosing)

1 can of arichose hearts drained

1 carrot finely chopped

1/2 red opnion, diced

oregano, basil, and garlic to taste

1 jar of Rao’s marinara sauce

In a large baking pan (I can not tell you how WONDERFUL THIS nonstick pan is!!!), begin browning your meat, using this tool, my favorite kitchen helper, while chopping your onion and carrot. Add those to your meat and let saute together, add your artichoke hearts and spices. I like to go heavy handed on the oregano, I love the POP of flavor it gives the sauce. Once your ingredients are all sauteed together, add you Raos’ marinara sauce. Cook on low for a few hours if you have time. If you are running low on time, serve immediatly!

We had ours with newdles, a low carb noodle. TIP: BUT, try yours with spaghetti or newdles, and mix it all together, pour in a casserole dish and top with cheese and bake it at 350 for 30 minutes for a spaghetti bake the entire family will love.

If you are using spaghetti, make sure and boil your noodles and drain before adding to your sauce. And if you are using newdles, I like to drain mine and then just add to the sauce. Tastes as much like spaghetti as any low carb noodle you will find. I even have a hard time writing “noodle” because I write “newdle” so much. True FAN!

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