We moved the grill to where it was more accessible on the deck so we have been grilling up a storm. Brad never tires of seafood and grilling makes me feel like a boss so it works out.IMG_9657

We have made shrimp, soft shelled crab, lobster tail complete with corn and potaotes (we did that blow out meal yesterday to celebrate wrestlemania) and it is so fun. Since we are home bound right now, being outside and grlling makes me feel like there is another room in the house and the kitchen stays relatively clean so I always call that a win.

I have been using my cast iron on the grill and am loving it, I have some dessert ideas coming soon that I want to try.IMG_9889

Shrimp. I just tossed my shrimp in grapeseed oil and primal palate seafood seasoning and then added the shrimp to my skewers (oil your skewers) and grilled on high about 8 minutes.

Soft shelled crab: I oiled both sides (I tend to always use this oil) and used some of the meat and potatoes seasoning and then grilled straight on the grill for two minutes on each side.

Lobster tail: I always use kitchen shears and slice front to back on the inside and then used the remaining seasoining on my cutting board and just rubbed it into the meat and grilled those two minutes on each side too.

Potatoes: We dont normally eat poatoes, obviously! But we did yesterday and I diced them in huge chucks and liberally applied grapeseed oil and meat and potatoes seasoning, garlic pepper and put them in my cast iron and grilled IN THE CAST iron for about twwenty minutes, until they were nice and crispy. I don’t east potatoes much but when I do they need to be cooked right!

Corn on the cob: WHAT A TREAT! Used my leftover cutting board oils and spices and rubbed the sides in that and grilled them for about ten minutes. If you have a grill glove, I suggest using that it makes manipulating things so much easier.

Zucchini and Brussel sprouts: I cut my brussel sprouts in half and my zucchini in large chucks, tossed them in oil, salt and pepper and laid them on a grill pan and cooked them about ten minutes on high.IMG_9877 I like to set outside and watch everything so all these times are approximate, so remember to just check things often and seafood cooks FAST. SO if you are cooking veggies with the seafood, start those first. 

Once I had everything off the grill, I came in to ten oysters Brad had shucked and our feast was ready! Show me your pictures if you have a feast soon! Tag me on instagram @dailyketosis so I can repost!


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