Squash and Ham au gratin

Easter was Sunday, I made my first ham. I mean, quaratine times call for home-cooked ham, am I right? So I did it. It was Elliott Jane’s first easter. We didn’t see anyone but each other and it was a perfect day. We long for the day when days are normal again, and Elliott Jane’s grandparents can hold her and watch her grow and be in person, but until then I am taking all the pictures and videos I can manage. My phone is constantly in the red and needs to be charged because I don’t want to forget a moment these days.

Because Elliott Jane is doing all her firsts. Her little life is changing right before our eyes. Every moment she is getting more language and her little personality is developing and she is such a light in our life. One of my favorite things is showing her off on my instagram page, because she has changed my life and my heart and my true wish is through all of our lives, we can touch lives there as well.

Motherhood has wrecked me in the very best way and I’ll forever be thankful to our Maker for letting me have the gift of motherhood. I hope and pray that a miracle is around the corner and maybe somehow a little brother or sister would be in our family. And the wonderful thing about life is, you just never know. Sometimes writing my heart just makes it feel real.

I made a squash and ham au gratin last night in between hands tugging at my legs, spices being strewn everywhere by those same hands and lots of life and laughter and chasing in the kitchen. Brad will go into the living room and say “daddy fall down!” and immedialy she crawls as fast as she can to him for a wrestling match. Then I have a few minutes to finish dinner, but if I speak or Brad talks to me, she is reminded I am there and she heads back over. Its chaotic heaven for me. I love these days.

I didn’t want all my ham to go to waste, but I didn’t want to be eating it until next easter either so I grabbed a squash I had, onions, and hamd and created something that we will call

Squash and Ham au gratin

1 large squash

leftover ham

1 onion

I teaspoon of each garlic, salt, pepper, ceyanne

4 tablespoons of kerrygold butter

1/2 cup bone broth

1/2 cup heavy cream

5 ounces of shredded cheddar

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a large pan (I love this one!) begin melting your butter over meduim heat, adding your bone broth, and heavy cream and diced onions. Turn down to low and let simmer while you put your squash and ham together in your casserole dish. I like to layer my sqaush and ham (cut your leftover ham in bite size pieces) until I run out, and then pour my sauce mixture on top and then add my shredded cheese. Bake for about an hour. Enjoy every bite. 6-8 servings.

From my sweet and happy kitchen to yours, I hope you are making the best of this situation and finding sweet smiles in the hard days and deep breaths when you need them. -Jessica

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