Blackened Mahi Mahi

I made a kinda sorta wedge salad the other day except I used romaine…but added all the wedge delights! Bacon, radishes, egg, blue cheese – and then just to really show off, blackened mahi mahi.IMG_9781

4 pieces of Mahi Mahi, thawed

2 tablespoons of kerrygold butter

Seasoning: I used four steady shakes of:

garlic, salt


celery seed


chili powder

smoked paprika

Mixed my spices all together with my finger and put the fish both sides into the spices until they were well coated. Then I melted 2 tablespoons of kerrygold butter in my fry pan (OBSESSED with this pan) and cooked them four minute on each side over medium high heat and then removed them from the pan/heat immediatly. This keeps the fish tender and doesn’t make it tough!



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