The Perfect Steak


Three minutes start to finish and y’all its just so good. Sure you can grill, air fry, do all the things, but you can also use a cast iron and be done before you started. Throw some brueel sprouts in the oven and you have dinner ready in a flash!

Lay your steaks out to get to room temperature.

Melt 1 tablespoon of ghee over medium high heat to your cast iron skillet.

Add your seasoned steaks to the cast iron skillet. I like to season mine with redmond real salt seasonng salt.

Cook on high heat (turn on the fan, open the door, it’s gonna get hot!) for 1.5 minutes and then flip 1.5 minutes more.

Immediately remove from the heat for five-ten minutes and serve.

*This creates the perfect medium rare steak

For medium well, I would do medium high heat for three minutes each side.

For well done, I would do medium high heat for three minutes on each side.

Will you let me know when you make this? Here’s what will happen, it is so good, you will start making it once a week. Trust me! Enjoy.


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