Keto hot dogs with buns!


Brad and I have ben having hotdogs, brats, and hamburgers WITH buns lately, thanks to Lewis Baking Company. They make the best buns for the occasional “real” burger and hot dog.

Throw some turnip fries on the side and you’ll have the ideal low-carb meal for watching baseball!

How do you dress your hot dog? I love to have mayo on mine with kraut and jalapenos.

And don’t forget chili dogs! You can top these with my low carb chili and some cheese, sour cream and jalapenos and man, that is a match made in heaven!

There is no wrong way to dress your hot dog or burger.

We have eaten keto for the better part of five years and this recent “bun” development makes a keto pro excited!

Grab some Lewis buns or bread on your next grocery trip. We get ours at Kroger or Walmart.

What do you prefer on your burger or hot dog? I would love to know in the comments.



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