Creamy lasagna


Do you ever drive past Olive Garden, and smell delicious pasta baking, and wish you could pull off the road and have some Italian food without all the carbs? I’ve got good news! You can drive on home and make your own!

This creamy keto lasagna makes for a perfect lunch or dinner, and I always love a meal that is even better reheated. It is easy to throw together, rich and cheesy – and dairy free. So it really checks all the boxes, I think your emtire family will love it. Serve it with my favorite salad and you have a great dinner time meal ready in no time.


32 ounces of marinara

6 ounces of fresh baby spinach

1.5 pounds of ground meat

1/2 yellow onion, diced

4 oz mushrooms

2 zucchini squash

8 ounces kite hill ricotta

8 ounces miyoki’s mozzerella

garlic salt, basil and oregano to taste

Preheat your oven to 375. In a large skillet, begin browning your meat, adding your garlic (I tend to go heavy on the garlic but I think this is personal preference), mushrooms and diced onions until your meat is almost browned completely and then add your spinach to the mixture. The spinach will wilt as the meat finishes cooking. Take off the burner and set aside.

In a large bowl, add your marinara sauce and rocatta cheese, stir together. Set aside.

In a large baking dish, add half of your meat mixture spread out into the baking dish, then add a layer of your marinara mixture, then the another layer of your meat mixture and then the last of your marinara mixture. Done. Open your mozzerella cheese and pinch off pieces (as seen in the picture) and mostly cover your dish with mozzerella, ading a heavy sprinkle of oregano and basil atop. This will ake the dish so beautiful coming out of the oven.

Tag me @jessicadukesdaily if you make this, I would love to see and share your creation!




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