Disney’s Magic Kingdom


After a fun-filled day at Hollywood Studios, we just had to sleep in a little bit to get some extra rest before our second day at Disney World. Not kidding, folks, you gotta pace yourselves!

Elliott Jane had her fill of Doc McStuffins, so on day 2 we headed to the O.G. Disney amusement park – the Magic Kingdom! Since we were staying at the Dolphin Resort, we had to take a ten-minute shuttle ride. We had just recently introduced Elliott Jane to Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so Brad and I made sure she got to experience some of our favorite rides.

The amount of things to do and see and eat at the Magic Kingdom is overwhelming. There’s so many straight-up musts! Where to begin? We wandered down Main Street USA, where Mickey was leading one of the trademark parades, and our first stop was It’s a Small World. This is one of the easiest rides to take with a small child. Just a lazy boat ride, touring countries of the world, to the tune of “It’s a Small World, after all.” Elliott Jane was totally enamored with the ride, and continually said “Hi babies!” and then a few seconds later “Bye babies!”  You really can’t go wrong with this ride – it is not a crazy rollercoaster, and it’s actually a nice breather from strolling around in the hot sun. Anyone can enjoy it!

Next, we took the gamble of our lives…

The Haunted Mansion only had a ten-minute wait, so Brad and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders and got in line. We knew we were taking our chances by bringing our little girl into a haunted house, but we told her that we were looking for Mickey! Full disclosure – I don’t like haunted houses at all! But Brad loves them! Elliott Jane sat in her daddy’s lap with a tight grip on his arm, and didn’t make a peep throughout the ride! We kept assuring her by calling  out, “Mickey? Are you here?!” The Haunted Mansion is another classic ride at the Magic Kingdom, but it can definitely be scary for small ones.

Since Elliott Jane was on her best behavior, she got a Minnie Mouse plush with a gift card from her Aunt Wendy at the gift store. Minnie is never far from the action in our house!

One of our favorite rides was Dumbo Takes Flight. This is another longtime favorite of many Disney fans, and it’s just an easy, breezy ride on the friendly flying elephant. Best of all, there was hardly a line! We let Elliott Jane take the controls of going up and down, and she loved it! Another great ride if you have small ones.

The Flight of Peter Pan was our next stop. Oh, a glorious indoor ride with air conditioning! The line was about thirty minutes, which can test a little one’s patience, but Elliott Jane was sooo fascinated with this trip through Peter Pan’s world once we started the ride.

The Magic Kingdom has so much to offer, we weren’t able to get around to many of our beloved favorites like Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain, but once Elliott Jane is a little bigger, she will get to ride her parents’ favorites!!

We would never have made it through a couple of days at Disney without some essential gear! Check out my suggestions for what to take on your next Disney trip.

Are you going to the Magic Kingdom soon? Do you have a favorite ride? Let me know in the comments!


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