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Sometimes it’s easier for me to really know the details before I really dive in to something, even if it’s awesome, so I wanted to write out some of the things I have been talking about over on instagram this week that are going on with Beautycounter.

As you know, I am a Senior Director with Beautycounter and it is one of my passions in life. I have big goals with this company and I love serving you as we learn more about the products we put on our skin daily.

Right now, they are doing a HUGE MEMBERS ONLY PROMOTION

Band of Beauty Members are the heart of our company. They are our tried and true clients that love beautycounter and want to be rewarded, so Beautycounter does just that!

Band of Beauty Members: {$29 per year}


Free Shipping on orders over $100

10% product credit back on everything you spend

When you join, you get the Overnight Resurfacing Peel and the Charcoal Mask for FREE

There are no monhtly orders, monthly minimums, no tricks, its all perks for you!

And occasionally for our members you get VIP perks – like right now!

***Members who shop from now until June 21st will get 20% product credit back!

(And yes, you can shop as much as you want during this promo, and use your member rewards toward your next purchase. The gift that keeps on giving. Literally.)

Also, new members can save 20% on their first order (with the code CLEANFORALL20), so the saving adds up to 40% savings plus free shipping and then the two free gifts — it’s really an awesome time to shop.

Personal Products I use:

I use our Countertime line, and the overnight resurfacing peel and the all bright c serum daily. Then I add in more here and there as needed. I use the brightening oil most days as well. These products are clean and safe. We have been a B-Corp since our company was founded and we stand behind having the safest ingredients on the market with over 1800 products we refuse to put in our formulations.

The products are outstanding but I have been just as impressed with the business side of things coming from a twenty-plus year career as a professional nanny.

I love these products, I love how they perform on my skin knowing that I am putting all safe products on my skin while working daily to change the laws at the state and federal level around personal care products.

I love nothing more than introducing new clients to this business and I would love to help you choose some things and get started with Beautycounter and safer skincare.

You can always reach out to me at for a personal consult, comment here, DM me on instagram, or write me a letter (kidding, but snail mail is nice!)

Below are some of my favorite products and best sellers. They all would be worth replenishing, or a good starting point for shopping during the sale!

Again, please reach out if I can help you choose some things, color match a foundation, or talk out your order within your budget.



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