Summer swim safety tips for toddlers


Summer time… I crave the ocean air…or at least a chlorine pool since we live in Nashville! And as enjoyable as summer time is, drowning accidents and water accidents happen right under our nose. You can never be too careful around bodies of water with toddlers. Having extensive background in the professional nanny world, and taking multiples to the pool for years, I have learned some tried-and-true safety measures when swimming with toddlers. Some common sense and non-negotiables will set you up for success when taking toddlers to the pool.

  1. Take the stroller and strap your child(ren) in the stroller. This buys you time when you are laying out towels, etc. Even if they are crying, they are safely strapped in the stroller while you have a few minutes to get organized if needed. This also provides two free hands for you because your stroller can carry all of your pool belongings.
  2. Put sunscreen on BEFORE you get to the pool. The concrete is often hot, and there’s not a two-year-old I know that wants to wait for the sunscreen to settle into their skin. Before you buckle them into their carseats to head to the pool – SUNSCREEN.
  3. Put YOUR (mama, daddy, caregiver) sunscreen on as well before heading to the pool. As much preparation as you can do before you are at the water the better. That way you are ready to play!
  4. Mamas, Nannies, Caregivers – WEAR A BATHING SUIT WITH STRAPS. Or your boobs will be on display.
  5. REMEMBER – when you are swimming with toddlers YOU ARE SWIMMING WITH TODDLERS, remind yourself this to set yourself up for success. You will not be lounging by the pool reading and drinking an umbrella drink, you will be in the water with the toddler.
  6. If your child is dependent on a floaty, that goes on before you enter the pool area. While they are still in the stroller or walking. THIS IS A MUST. Because if you are holding a baby, or for one second distracted — IF they were to jump in the water they have their float.
  7. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. Sure you might miss the #photooftheyear but accidents literally happen right under your nose. So keep your phone in the pool bag and leave it there. Do not take your eye off your toddler. 
  8. Every hour, take a break for a light snack and sunscreen. Put the sunscreen on while they are eating (they will be hungry) and they will never even notice. This way they have structure and know what to expect.
  9. Pool shoes for toddlers. To make your day more successful, grab some water shoes for your toddler (below). The concrete is often hot and this way they can walk freely.
  10. SNACKS SNACKS SNACKS. Swimming makes toddlers so hungry, and to limit hunger fits, have plenty of easy snacks available. SIt with them while they are eating, that’s when you can take the picture!
  11. Keep a few diapers and wipes in a separate pouch. That way when you have an emergency poop situation, you know right where the supplies are.
  12. Have fun! Keep your expectations in check and be patient with the little that is often new to pools.

Hope this is helpful! Summer is really the best time to get out and explore — and you’ll have sleeping babies at night after all the hot summer fun!

Here are some sweet swimming suits and the pool shoes I mentioned above. I prefer long sleeve rash guards for Elliott Jane for extra protection. One less thing I have to worry about!

gingham bathing suit | trucker hat | swim shoes | cover up | seersucker rash guard bathing suit | yellow stripe hat | blue floral rash guard | purple seersucker tankini

Elliott Jane is two and I have exclusively used Beautycounter sunscreen on her. It’s mineral-based and the spray is non-aerosol and it works so so well for good coverage you can truly depend on.



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