June – My Favorite Things


Every month I will be highlighting my five favorite things. From companies I work with to my favorite bra, and everything in between…literally! I hope you enjoy, and would love any feedback.

Speaking of bras…

  1. This Old Navy Bra: I got this bra earlier in the month on a whim and had some gift cards at Old Navy. I always am in need of a bra. I think my mom had two growing up and I am just like her. So when I need a new bra I need a new bra, know what I’m saying? I need one with support but prefer not to wear underwire and I have been GEEKING out about this bra. It is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn, I don’t even start undressing the second I walk in the door from an outing! You gotta get one.

  1. Billions: When I do take the bra off and put the jammies on and get Elliott Jane in bed, I am ready to grab Brad, the poodles and Ralphie and hop in bed and turn on Billions. It is our latest binge-ing obsession, and I can not get enough. You love to hate every character and it’s such a train wreck you can’t look away. Have you watched Billions? It is so good!

  2. Live Your Life: I followed Amanda Kloots all last year as her husband, Nick, battled Covid for over three months. They had a baby, Elvis, the same age as Elliott Jane and I could just feel her pain as she begged Nick to wake up. It was heartbreaking knowing sweet Elvis was hitting the same milestones as Elliott Jane while his daddy was fighting for his life. Nick passed away last July, and I have become such a fan of Amanda and her will to find joy in all things. I think we could be true and good friends in real life.

  3. No 1 Brightening Oil: I have been forcing all my girlfriends to purchase the brightening oil from Beautycounter. It is such a simple and effective game changer for skin. It is outstanding, and sure enugh they all come back saying “you were right!” You have to try it as well, you will love it!

  4. Peppa Pig Magentic Set: We just traveled to see Brad’s parents and I bought Elliott Jane this magnetic Peppa Pig set, and she loved it. Once she realized they were magnets and not stickers she played with them the entire way home!

What are some of your favorite things you’ve been loving?



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