Air Fryer Turnip Fries


Now I just want another air fryer. A love story. I feel like I could really make magic with one in every corner of the kitchen. Did you read this confession blog? Read it real quick and this will make more sense.

These air fryer turnip fries are great! We have a a 5 quart air fryer that I looove.

Ingredients and Directions:

2 turnips – slice them like home fries

2 tablespoons of olive oil

salt and pepper to taste. (use plenty of salt)

Mix your sliced turnip fries with two tablespoons of oil, salt and pepper to taste.

Put them in a 340 degree pre-heated air fryer and air fry for thirty minutes.

After 15 minutes, give them a shake and put them back in for 15 minutes to finish cooking.

I like to serve mine with primal kitchen ketchup or make chili cheese fries with my easy keto chili recipe!

No matter how you slice it, these turnip fries are a go-to side dish.

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