Let’s Start Keto


So you want to start keto but don’t know where to begin. You start to research and want to quit before you start? I’ve been there.

Here is my first and best advice: DO NOT OVERCOMPLICATE IT AND MAKE IT HARD.

You can pinterest and google the latest and greatest recipes, but remember consistency over time is what makes keto successful. The first few days, or even couple of weeks, are not easy. Just like anything else in life, change is hard.

Your body will need time to adjust, and possibly scream out “where is my sugar and carbs?!” Cravings and headaches are very common, and they will subside and hopefully they won’t even happen if you keep your electrolytes and salt in check. These eletrolytes are absolutely amazing for starting keto.

  1. Use this keto calculator  from ruled.me and figure out the right amount of carbs you need for your body.
  2. Once you figure that out, I would download myfitnesspal and go to settings and you can manually change the settings to keto settings. Do that.
  3. For a few weeks to a month, either write down or log in in your fitnesspal everything you eat so you can see how many carbs you are eating. Adjust accordingly.

For the first month, I suggest logging everything you eat by either writing it down or putting it in MyFitnessPal so you can really see areas where you need to tweak. This will be so helpful to you early on, as well as your long-term success.

  1.  Rule of thumb, green veggies are going to be lower in carbs.
  2. Cook with good oils (I prefer avacado oil and olive oil) or good butters (I prefer kerrygold)
  3. Add spice, spice, then more spice to your food to make it interesting.
  4. KEEP IT SIMPLE: meat and veggies
  5. Meal Prep: make some chicken breast, hard boiled eggs, good proteins to have on hand to keep you satiated when you are hungry.

Now – ready, set, go! Enjoy your first week of keto, and if you have any questions, please leave a comment. I’d be happy to help!



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