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Everyone’s keto journey is different. For the past five years+, my husband Brad and I have stuck with keto. I thought it would be great to give you guys a different perspective this week on how to approach keto.

Brad: Has kitten, eats keto

Hey babe. Let’s talk keto. How long have you been keto and do you remember why you started?

I started keto over five years ago! Granted, I’ve had some periods of slipping and falling, but it has always been home base for me. I know it works and it will make me feel at my best. Even if I have strayed, I know that keto is literally a day away if I want to reclaim control, with the right discipline and mindset. I guess I started because you started keto and after a few weeks I was curious as to what it was. It helps if your partner eats the same way you do.

You work out a lot, and lifting is a large part of your workouts. How is keto with hard working out? 

I have to stress this – it takes some serious getting used to. I will never forget the first week or two that I did keto, I had serious headaches and was in no place to be working out. Withdrawal from carbs and sugar is not a joke – my body was in revolt! I lift weights four days a week, sometimes with cardio on top of that, then different exercises on other days. Light workouts might be okay the first week, but please, do not go crazy the first week or two. You can get injured working out when you’re not all there. Give yourself some time and grace that first week or so. It’s a major adjustment, even if you’re not working out.

Once you’re in a groove, it’s really not that big of a deal. I never feel short on energy, though I almost always work out on an empty stomach, other than a pre-workout supplement (Total War, made by RedCon1 – the orange crush is delicious!). I also probably have closer to 40 carbs a day for a little more energy to burn. But I must repeat – give yourself some grace here. It will take time for your body to adjust to heavy workouts. 

You have a history of some GI issues. What’s changed lately with that?

My gut health and less bloating! At the beginning of summer, for some reason, I quit buying the sugar-free “carb smart” ice cream bars at the grocery store. Every night I was finishing off dinner and consuming one of these, thinking, Oh, it’s just four or five carbs. Who cares? But it was still a couple hundred+ extra calories sitting on top of my tummy for the sedentary evening. After I cut this out, my body quickly dropped a few pounds. I noticed I was feeling much better, especially the following morning. I then returned to intermittent fasting — doing my best not to eat after 7PM, and not eat again until 11AM the next day. I’m saying this to impress upon your readers – do not lean too hard on snacks. Those delicious low-carb snacks can sabotage your progress.

I really feel better than I ever have, and the discipline is more than worth it. My body functions feel regulated for once. My body knows what to expect and I don’t throw it too many curveballs. Lesson learned-it’s fine to treat yourself, but maybe keep that to one night a week if you can.

What’s your two favorite keto meals?

Lately I love your recipes for Meatzza and meatloaf burgers.

What’s your go-to keto meal when eating out?

Usually a salmon salad or an omelette. A bun-less burger is also a staple. A nice steak and broccoli can’t be beat for a keto meal.

Eating out with keto is pretty easy these days, BUT, for instance, it’s tough for me to behave if I step foot in a Mexican restaurant. If you’re starting Keto new, it may be best to plan ahead. Look up menus ahead of time so you won’t be caught flat-footed, and don’t be shy with altering your order to meet your needs. I really avoid impromptu, impulse meals at all cost, especially if I am stressed. That’s where I fall off the rails and get lazy. The truth is, if you really want results with keto, you’ve got to stay committed and focused.

What’s your coffee order at Starbucks?

A venti decaf Americano with heavy cream and three pumps of sugar-free cinnamon dolce.

What advice would you give someone starting keto?

Be prepared in every way you can. Do research on carbs and READ labels, and get familiar with terms like Total Carbs, net carbs, fiber, sugar alcohols, erythritol, etc.

I’d also add, don’t start keto if you’re taking a vacation to an all-inclusive resort next week. If you’re a drinker, which I’m not – figure out how (or if) you can enjoy a low-carb beverage and not be tempted to order fried cheese sticks after three drinks. Peer pressure is a real thing – don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of your goals.

Keto takes some discipline, BUT, I’ve found it’s the most sustainable way of eating without feeling like you are missing out on life. I’ve done paleo and clean eating and always felt miserable and deprived. I do not feel that with Keto at all.

Overall, how has it benefited you?

I feel like I am in control. Life can be crazy, full of things I can’t control, but keto is manageable and gives me an anchor. If the rest of my world is wild and out of sorts, I can at least keep my eating in check, and it really helps me mentally, not to mention physically. 


Thank you so much babe. This was awesome. It really is so much easier for me (Jessica) when creating meals and meal planning knowing we eat the same and Brad isn’t going to turn his nose up when the potatoes are actually cauliflower. 

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