Let’s Talk Eating Out with Keto!


It’s one thing to eat Keto at home, being in control of exactly what you eat. But what about when you go out with friends or family to a restaurant? This can be tricky territory. First off, if you’re serious about Keto, you need to do some homework. Look up the menu ahead of time and identify some keto friendly dishes. Sometimes nutritional facts will not be available, and that’s when you need to play it safe. Here are a few reliable items that I rely on while eating out.

Rule of thumb: When eating out, don’t be afraid to ask questions. What kind of oil is this cooked in? Can I get this dairy free? I know this comes with a potato but could I get broccoli instead?

Below are just ideas-but stick to your own rules with keto!

Bunless Burgers – Make sure to add any and all keto toppings that are available!

Salads – Add some protein to a salad for a keto friendly meal. Keep an eye out for any carbs that might sneak their way in! Potato sticks, croutons, high-carb fruits. Use vinaigrette for dressings to be safe.

Fish/Beef/Chicken – These staples are a great go-to meal while you’re out. Keep it simple with a vegetable!

Eggs and Bacon – this breakfast combo can’t be beat! A good omelette stuffed with keto-friendly ingredients also makes for a great brunch. You’ll have to be creative to find other breakfast options without carbs. It’s tricky!

Eating out with keto is totally possible with some planning and preparation. But what about fast food? There are also many options on the go!

McDonald’s – Yes, you can get a Big Mac without the bun! If it’s early, you can also order round eggs and sausage. Literally say, “can I have two round eggs and two pieces of sausage please?” (and of course, McDonalds isn’t clean BUT road trips happen and McDonalds is always there!)

Hardee’s – This fast food restaurant has upped their game in the last few years and make one of the best burger patties you can ask for (at least if you’re in a hurry) – just make sure you go without the bun and with a lettuce wrap. Also keep an eye on toppings such as ketchup that might be carrying carbs. Same with Wendy’s!

Zaxby’s – Their classic wings (order them naked) are delicious! Their Ranch and Zaxby’s sauce are also low-carb.

Chik-Fil-A – The grilled nuggets are delicious, as well as their Cobb salad (but don’t forget to get the chicken grilled!) The diet lemonade makes for a great keto option.

Outback Steakhouse – Avoid the bloomin’ onion and go for the filet instead with broccoli. They have a delicious wedge salad as well.

Papa Murphy’s – They have a keto pizza in a bowl and it is delicious. Get this personalized to the toppings you love, and you will really love it. This is where my meatzza was inspired!

Charlie’s Cheesesteakery – Find yourself at the mall? Grab a bun-less cheesesteak. They make it on a bed of lettuce with fresh toppings.

Five Guys – They do a lettuce wrap burger with fresh toppings as well. Ask for your lettuce wrap burger in a bowl if you want to avaid a mess!

Chipotle – Grab a salad with fresh toppings at Chipotle and use thier salsa as dressing!

Core Life – This is a great whole foods options if you have one in your area.

Whole Foods – Help yourself to the breakfast bar or the hot bar for lunch and dinner. Sometimes it’s fun to just caruse the isles here and look for new keto snacks!

Starbucks – There are plenty of ways to prepare a keto coffee! Lean on sugar-free syrups and heavy cream. The bacon gruyere egg bites are delicious! (19 g of protein and 9 g of total carbs)

Don’t be defeated when eating out if you are new to keto, or anyway of eating. There are ALWAYS options. They may not be what you want but there are almost always a few good options to fuel you. What are some of your favorite keto meals on the go? Let me know in the comments!







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