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This week we have talked everything from keto snacks to eating out with success while doing keto to how do I even start keto?

After a few years of keto, I started learning towards dairy-free keto. I did some blood work and realized that dairy really inflamed my gut. I did a round of Whole30 and immediately felt like a different person and dropped ten pounds in two weeks. Which as a woman with PCOS, that is an obscene amount of weight to lose in that short period of time so it was very encouraging that is what my body needed.

It had never ever crossed my mind to do dairy-free. I had done paleo for a while and literally fifty other restrictive diets, but dairy free was just as a way of eating never had even crossed my mind.

Another reason I have really loved keto is the freedom. There are parameters, but as long as you know what makes your body work within those parameters, you are really golden.

Before going dairy-free, my gut always felt just off. I always felt like there was movement in my tummy and I just felt bloated. Cutting out dairy for me really changed that.

That’s why when I talk about starting keto I like to recommend whole foods because I relied heavily on cheese when I started keto because cheese is carb free and really good! SO you tend to over eat it easily. It makes you more constipated than you might normally even be when starting keto. Changing a diet can be rough on your bowels. When you are discussing starting keto with your doctor before you begin, ask your medical provider how much magnesium your body needs daily as well. Magnesium really helps with your bowel movements and keeping everything flowing.

Don’t let dairy-free keto scare you away. Now especially, there are so many dairy-free alternatives. I hear “but cheese is so good!” often, but so is cake and you don’t eat it every day.

I think sometimes it is easier to be lazy and not feel 100% than take ownership for our health if it feels hard. Don’t do that.

When I started dairy-free keto, you guessed it, I just omitted cheese, found a dairy free cream cheese, and creamer replacement and then got a little more creative in the kitchen. Read your labels, because dairy sneaks in where you wouldn’t expect it. And keep in mind, just because it’s dairy-free, it may not be keto. So be mindful of that.

Some great dairy-free brands that I love:

Miyoki’s Creamery – Specifically I love the dairy-free butters and their mozzerella cheese. The cashew butter with sea salt and the garlic parmesean cashew butter are divine! It cooks well and is just delish!

Kite Hill Brand – Specifically their chive cream cheese, plain cream cheese, ricotta and sour cream

KIte Hill and Miyoki’s have ingredients I love and they are dairy-free. Look around at all their varieties of dairy-free options, there are so many. But above are just what I keep on the weekly grocery list.

Below are some more dairy-free products I love (keep in mind, some are not as low in carbs. If I want to splurge, I will often eat more carbs but stay dairy-free. I have learned over time that’s what is more important to my body.

Culina Salted Caramel Expresso

Sweet Potato Puffs – Elliott Jane LOVES these and we do too!

Coolhaus Dairy Free Frozen Dessert – Dirty Mint OMG THIS IS THE BEST DAIRY-FREE TREAT!

Nutpods – I love cooking with plain nutpods and then it’s my chosen creamer for coffee as well. Be sure you use my link (JDD is my discount code) to save a little money when you purchase these!)

Woodbine Korean Kimchi – so good for your gut!

Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Yogurt – I love having this with vanilla and some fresh berries.

Siete Food Brand

WIlde Brands Himalayain Pink Salt Chicken Chips

Culina Sour Cheeer Coconut Almond Yogurt

I hope these items serve as ideas and freedom in knowing you can still eat really well if you feel like dairy-free might be for you! There are so many more options, but these are grocery items I buy on a regular basis and can really speak to their ingredients.

Grab my book if you are headed in the dairy-free direction! An entire cookbook of dairy-free keto ideas right at your disposal!

Let’s end this week with this – take ownership of your health. Even if it feels daunting and hard and you know what your body needs – be empowered, don’t be lazy – you deserve to feel your very best. Figure out how to fuel your body optimally. There are so many right ways to fuel your body, and keto is not a one size fits all, so figure out what your body needs and attack it like your life depends on it. Because it does. And you deserve to feel awesome every day.


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