July’s Favorite Things


My favorite things for July might not quite hit the feels like the Norstrom Sale but look, everyone needs some cheap gold hoops and toothpaste. And these press on nails y’all. THEY WORK AND STAY ON. I get asked a lot about my glasses, and they are prescription and less than $30 and so cute!

Geeking out about these overnight pads as well. They are toxic free so good for your skin and health and they have mint, aloe and lavender in them which is so soothing for hard period days.

These hair elastics are my favorite for Elliott Jane, they don’t pull her hiar out like the others and are the perfect size. I like to get the dark brown ones to blend with her hair.

You can click on the picture or the individual links to see all of the things below.

munchie mug | gold hoops | honey pot pads

impress false nails | beautycounter mascara | david’s toothpaste

last drop spatula | peppa pig shirt | eye glasses | hair ties


Annnd, here are a few other things from this month that are super fun! I still can’t get over American Eagle has all the college tshirt and seatshirts! American Eagle! I have looked year round for anything UT that’s half way cute to have and now it’s all at our fingertips!

What a life!

Just click on the image to shop.

Elliott Jane has REALLY been into stamping lately, on her body, paper, if it can stamp its got her mark. But they are a fun adition to the art bin!



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