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For the last year or so, my husband Brad and I have made Green Compass products a part of our everyday self-care routine. I’ll be honest, I had never used CBD until I learned about some of its health benefits. Green Compass is an independent company based out of North Carolina where all of its hemp is farmed and tended to under strict purity and ethical standards. We have used a number of their products for a while and always light up when a box of Green Compass goodies show up at our door! We’ve really enjoyed each product we’ve tried so far.

Reduce Topical Pain Cream

For the past year, Brad has either dealt with neck or lower back pain, and my left knee is known to act up too. Before or after a workout, we are usually looking for the Reduce Topical Pain Cream to alleviate some of those aches. One small dollop applied to these problem areas provides quick, lasting relief. Brad swears this cream has gotten him through plenty of visits to the gym. The menthol blend provides an instant cooling sensation. This is one product we absolutely can’t get by without.

There is no better way to decompress from a workout or a day at the office than a bath, complete with either a lavender and camomille CBD-infused bath bomb. We are also huge, huge fans of the peppermint and eucalyptus bath bombs as well. Baths without either of these simply do not compare!

1000 mg Hemp Flower Extract (broad spectrum)

The Cinnamon-flavored 1000mg Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract is clutch at nighttime, providing a healthy, organic sleep aid. It also tastes like Big Red gum, but even better! This stuff is simply delicious, and sets just the right mood to wind down from a long day. You should go ahead and buy two because you won’t ever forget to take a dropper full before sleeping. If you need a different dose, Green Compass has you covered with 750 mg and 500 mg tinctures.

Boost Terpene + Essential Oil Blend

For optimal sleep, you can add the sleep Boost, which is full of essential oils and does not include hemp flower. I love taking this with my 500 mg cinnamon oil befire bed and it’s the best sleep I have ever gotten. If you struggle wtih sleep, try this combo.

150 mg Limoncello Nano Jellies

Annnnd…. the 150mg Limoncello Nano Jellies must be our favorite product of them all. We usually take one in the morning, or late in the afternoon. These little treats aid in focus, metabolism, and always provide a little boost to our overall mood. The Limoncello Nano Jellies are great-tasting gummies that don’t last very long around our house! They are broad spectrum which means they contain no THC and are great for young to old.

If you are interested in organic, high-quality CBD products, I must recommend checking out Green Compass. I am more than happy to help you create a routine with these products. You can also save 20% when you become a preferred customer.

Please reach out if I can help you! I work with this company because I trust their products. Please ask me anything, I am always willing and happy to help. *I do make a commission when you shop these links.



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