Our Peloton Review


Last summer, Brad and I took the dive and purchased a Peloton bike for our home. At the time, our usual gym was closed for Covid-19, and we desperately needed a more convenient method of exercise. Neither of us had attended a spin class in a while, so we were admittedly nervous to make such a big purchase.

Once we received our bike, we got to work testing it out! Peloton offers a hoard of spinning classes for any level of experience, and every week, they upload classes for beginners who are just starting out.

If you have no idea what you’re doing, the instructors will teach you different techniques, while assuming you may know nothing about the world of spinning. From there, you can work your way up to more advanced rides — and if you need a break, you can take a recovery ride or a low-impact ride. These low-key rides can span from five minutes to thirty minutes. If you are ready to rage, there are even seventy-five minutes classes. (!!!) For the uber-competitive types out there (ahem, Brad), you can race other people on the leaderboard, or you can just hide that function and go at your own pace.

Another great thing about Peloton is their classes can be taken live or on-demand. Whatever mood you’re in, there are classes curated for what you want to listen to! Eighties, oldies, new tracks, hip hop, EDM, broadway, even classical — you will have to log hundreds of rides before you run out of rides tailored for your tastes. Also, there are many different instructors — you are likely to gravitate to a few of your favorites. I love working out with Robin Arzon and Tunde Oyeneyin (her arm workouts!) and Cody Rigsby, while Brad enjoys classes with Jess King and Kendall Toole. If you need solemn quietude, Peloton’s got you covered with scenic rides around the world, or, a ‘Just Ride’ function that simply logs your time and distance.

While we enjoy the spin classes, there is a whole lot more to a Peloton membership… like an app for your smart phone and some smart TVs. This app is literally overflowing with different exercise options you can take anywhere. A video demo is below if you’re interested!


One of our favorite features on the Peloton app is the meditation classes! Every night, without fail, we turn on a sleep meditation with Anna Greenberg. Her voice puts us straight to sleep! Even if we are traveling, we make sure to turn on a sleep meditation. 99 times out of 100, we are knocked out by the time it’s over. There are other kinds of classes for relaxation, breathing methods, and such — but the sleep classes are a favorite of ours.

Strength and Cardio

Let’s say you’re on a business trip, or staying out of town with friends or family. No gym? No bike? No problem! Brad really enjoys the bodyweight strength classes with Jess Sims. These classes just need a floor with a little space, and I promise, you will be lying in sweat by the end. Ten, fifteen, thirty minute classes… pick your poison! There are also plenty of classes that incorporate weights and High Intensity Interval training for cardio. With new classes every day, you can keep your body guessing as to what exercise is coming next. There are also Pilates and Barre classes, so if that’s your thing, it can really keep your workouts fresh.

Everything Else

There’s a whole lot more – like bootcamp classes for your Peloton bike (or treadmill, which we do not have), stretch classes, yoga, walking and running – and we admittedly don’t do those classes very often because there’s just only so much time in the day. They are always a great option for when we want to change it up or add to our spin class.

So, is Peloton really worth it?

Here’s the catch with Peloton. If you buy a bike, it’s a significant investment, and your app membership is an additional $40 a month. This is a huge commitment, so ask yourself if this is something you’ll really get your money’s worth from. We’d even recommend going to a local spin class to make sure this kind of exercise is up your alley. Like all things fitness, if you aren’t having fun, will you stick with it?

We love the convenience — a twenty minute bike ride in the next room? Or twenty minutes to get in the car, get to the gym and checked in, and finally ready to sweat? We also really enjoy working out with the trainers at Peloton, you get really attached to them. There is a WIDE variety of personalities — hyper, peaceful, a little goofy, more serious and straitlaced — and we’ve got the ones we really enjoy keeping up with on the app and on social media.

We are super, super pleased with our Peloton bike and absolutely recommend checking it out if spinning is your thing. If you have any questions, please fire away!

So, you’re buying a Peloton?

If you take the plunge, you will need some extra gear! You can buy many of these items from Peloton, but if you want to save some serious money – here are the essential extras you will need. You really must have a heavy duty mat to protect your floor. Sweat will be flying, and your hardwood and carpet will need some protection. Also, most importantly, sweat will be flying all over your bike. All the moisture and sweat will eventually rust your bike frame if you don’t clean it with wipes! Please remember this! Also, quite a few bike rides will incorporate light weights, which are quite expensive through Peloton. This more basic option will save you some cash. If you are a multi-talker, here is a great desk you can attach to your handlebars to get some work done on your laptop while spinning it out. Foam rolling is also a key to warming up and winding down from a ride. Brad bought this rumble roller nine years ago and it is still a household staple today!


Now, if you don’t want to wake up your family or roommates with some trap EDM at 6am, you will need some Apple AirPods! Balega socks will also keep your feet comfy on long bike rides, and do not sleep on some electrolytes that will help in your post-ride recovery. And if you are keto and need some snacks, I have some recommendations here.


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