Disney World’s Animal Kingdom


Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a great change-up from the other parks, especially if you or your kids love animals! Yes, there are plenty of roller coasters, but there are plenty of low-key attractions allowing you to take your time and take in some nature, not to mention wildlife you might not find at your local zoo.

One of the best family-friendly rides is the Kilimanjaro safari. The best part about the safari is that anyone can enjoy it! There are no height-requirements, so Elliott Jane got to enjoy a close-up view of some giraffes and rhinos. The tigers were sleeping in the shade and we couldn’t see them!

If you’re more into some exciting thrills, don’t miss Brad’s favorite ride — ever — and he means it! The Avatar Flight of Passage ride is literally breath-taking — you will ride a Banshee throughout the world of Pandora as seen in the movie Avatar — flying over mountains, off of cliffs, under crashing waves, all while darting through 3-D simulated pandemonium! This is not a typical rollercoaster – you are merely sitting in a saddle to make you feel like you’re flying on a Banshee. The wait can be long, and I mean long, but this really is a ride that isn’t to be missed. While you’re in line, there are a ton of cool and very realistic re-created scenes from the movie to look at. (Brad’s phone died and he didn’t take pictures.)

Whether or not you’re a fan of Avatar, it really is worth checking out this area of Animal Kingdom, especially at night – as the neon flourishes will really come to life and provide an electric glow to the ambience that aren’t as pronounced in the daylight. It’s just super cool! The Satu’lli Canteen is right by the Flight of Passage exit and has a ton of delicious food!

Another Animal Kingdom staple is the Expedition Everest rollercoaster! This is an intense experience and if your little ones are easily startled by the shadow of a very big Yeti monster, they will need to be ready for a wild ride. This ride also goes backwards at a very fast speed, which can be a lot to handle for uneasy stomachs. The Yeti ride is definitely one of the biggest thrills to be found in Animal Kingdom.

Truth be told, while Brad was riding the Yeti twice (there weren’t any lines!) Elliott Jane and I went to the Maharajah Jungle Trek, which is a self-guided walking tour based on wildlife in Southeast Asia. There were Monkeys, bats, tigers, and this makes for another easy-going attraction if you have little ones that aren’t quite ready for the rollercoasters.

There is so much to see and do at Animal Kingdom, just make sure to pace yourself and prioritize all that you want to do! Funny enough, Elliott Jane is now super, super into Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so it looks like we will be going back to Disney World sooner than later.


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