Chicken – tomato – avacado bowl


We can not get enough of this easy, refreshing, perfect macros chicken bowl at our house. It is the only thing on rotation at lunch. I love knowing how great it is for me (and Brad), it really is a power(filled) bowl. Make it once, you will make it ten times.

Start with making a big batch of my air fryer chicken breast to have for protein. I like to make 4-6 pieces to have as needed in the refrigerator.

On your bowl, shred one piece of chicken, cut up one avacado into large chunks, 5-6 cherry tomatoes, cut in half, salt, pepper, a sprinkle of olive oil and goat cheese. Mix it all together and it is the most satisfying, beautifully plated lunch!

Let me know how many times you have it in the next week! It is for sure addictive!

If you make our obsession, tag me over on @jessicadukesdaily so I can reshare your creation!


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