Christmas 2021


I kept thinking my daddy would love this if he could see it. Elliott Jane’s sparkling new bitty baby going for a ride in the new CAT dump trunk. Christmas was as sweet as you might suspect around here.

Vern, Ralph and myself were up early – making sure the lights were on, stockings just right, coffee hot (mine cold) and listening for a just a shimmer of movement upstairs so that could be my sign to preheat the oven for cinnamon rolls.

An instagram follower told me she rang bells on Christmas morning and that was the sign that Christmas was here, so right as we were heading in Elliott Jane’s room, Brad rang a bell and when we opened her bedroom door, she said, “Sansa?” And we said “yes yes, Santa has come! Let’s go downstairs!” Change of a diaper and away we went like a flash. Two and a half year old Elliott Jane doesn’t quite get it yet, so it was so fun and she was so overwhelmed when we rounded the corner and toys she recognized (we love the Target toy isle after all…) a few favorites and that Santa had infact come…she was quiet at first then kept discovering more and more and it was so fun to watch her live the magic of Christmas morning loving all the presents that fit her to a T.

Since Brad and I both work from home, I cook three meals a day every day, I wanted to be off from the kitchen, so I ordered sides from Cracker Barrell and picked them up Christmas Eve and ended up getting some meat from Trader Joes and honestly it was perfect for us. For breakfast as everyone woke up, I made cinnamon rolls, biscuits, bacon, eggs and sausage. But it was a true treat to not be in the kitchen all day for me.

Brad got me the new Katie Couric book and I started reading it as soon as I could wrangle Elliott Jane to be still enough to turn a page, it is so good – it’s like you are sitting with Katie giggling and having coffee and she’s telling you her deep dark secrets since we already think we know her so well.

We ended the day with an early bedtime for Elliott Jane and I tried hiding to read more of my book, but ended up watching wrestling with Brad and we fell asleep to the sweet sound of Ernest Saves Christmas…know what I mean, Vern?

It was a good good day. Christmas with two and a half year old Elliott Jane. Next year will be completely different. She will look different, her hair will be different, she might actually want something and maybe next year she might talk to Santa instead of a friendly nod and wave.

If you have ever walked through infertility, these days seem just a little more sacred and sweet because you remember, boy do you remember, the days waking up without a little life in your home. So we enjoy every second of every day because we get to do life with this sweet girl.

I hope your Christmas was sweet and merry. I always miss my dad on holidays, but he didn’t love Christmas because he thought it was to comercialized and not about Jesus (I mean it is, but throw me a bone here, dad!) so it almost makes it easier because my memories of him on Christmas is just wishing he would get out of bed so we could do Christmas!

Elliott Janes favorites gifts were this cleaning set, her CAT trucks and of course, Bitty Baby.

Mine were these shoes and the Katie Couric book – I also got these boots that I’m obsessed with and will wear the heck out of!

Brad’s favortite’s were a few wrestling tshirts, this bobble head (I mean, COME ON!) and this patagonia hoodie.

It was nice to take a few days away from work for me too – but since Beautycounter is having a huge sale right now it’s super fun for me! So many things are waaaay marked down and I have been loving helping you choose some things for you. If you have some christmas giftcards you are wanting to use, let me know how I can help you – our brushes are outstanding and all our limited edition gift sets are just awesome.

I plan on being in this space more in 2022 because it’s be easier to write in the mornings or evening since Elliott Jane is two and demanding of my time – and tell you all the things and show you all the goodies still but just in one spot, it’ll be like I’m downloading my thoughts for you on the regular, I think it’ll be good. I think it’ll calm my mind as well, I LOVE sharing all the things, I MEAN WHO ELSE WILL REMIND YOU WHEN AERIE UNDERWEAR IS ON SALE!? Merry Christmas friends.


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