Going There


It’s early on December 30th, and I’m sitting with Vern on the couch about to do a little work before Elliott Jane wakes up and flipped on the television and You’ve Got Mail is on, and I feel like that is such a treat to start my day. I haven’t felt good lately – gnarly cold – and it just feels like a hug as I sit and sniffle and get my wits about my to have Kathleen Kelly in my living room.

I just finished the Katie Couric book Going There – it was the kind of book you carry around with you hoping that you will have even a minute here and there to read it. it’s 528 pages and she really does go there. You really feel like she lays it all on the table errr write it in the book, and as an author myself knowing the editing process, I love how her editors let her be herself and write like she talks. I loved her little quips that you feel like she’d say if you were her friend or had met her for lunch. I felt like I was really getting in on the gossip that I had likley already read years ago or heard about on tv but it felt real because Katie said it. She went there with the Matt Lauer drama and you didn’t question how she felt about Donald Trump, she wrote something about his hair that made me laugh out loud.

As accomplished as she has been, we all know her life wasn’t without extreme loss and sadness when she lost her husband Jay to cancer when her girls were so little – but I loved reading about her new love and then all the escapades in between, that was fun – going there. I loved how she named names – scandelous – but if you are writing a book and you are Katie Couric – go there.

I highly recommed this book and as I am writing this it’s half price right now. I read the paper book and think I would have preferred the book this way over kindle or listening – it’s a book I will talk about and recommend to everyone – especially if you were raised with Katie on your television every morning.

I loved the detail she went into as well after her career at the TODAY show because I knew she was doing things and working at other high profile jobs, it was nice to be back into the timeline of all her career moves. If you are like me and fall in love with someone on television, I want to know everything about them. Often when Brad and I are watching anything, as the show starts I start “Are they married/ Do they have kids? Are they nice?” I just need to know about people. Again, all of that was in Going There – she takes the reader on the day to day ride of her life we all thought we knew but in more detail.

The chapters were lovely too – titled very salty and short chapters. I personally love short chapters because you really feel you are making headway in a book. Thanks Katie.

I was sad to see it end BUT also it really made me excited for what’s to come with the other books I am reading in 2022. Reading is something I really enjoy but default to wife, mom, work, repeat – I have at least 20 books under my bedsite table collecting dust (not good for someone with asthma) – I am going to read more – it’s much easier to read in pockets of time or at least one Bluey episode than most other things – so this is a task I am up for in the new year! And I will take you on the reading railroad with me! Let’s read in 2022.

Have you read anything lately you love and why? I would love to know!


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