about @jessicadukesdaily

Hi there, I’m Jessica or you can call me jessicadukesdaily if you prefer, I will answer to either!
I love being in my kitchen and prepareing pretty keto meals for my husband and it’s turned into a passion; creating in my kitchen and then sharing it with Brad and you.
My instagram page is titled the same, @jessicadukesdaily and there you will find me talking about everything from infertility to my new netflix obsession. I’m from the south, pretty chatty and taking you along for the ride, come over and clean my kitchen and I’ll make ya the prettiest plate of food.
In between my meals and bad jokes, I really do love to speak to women and encourage them to love themselves more, something we could all be better at – so glad you’re here, make yourself at home, stay a while and I hope you come back often.

XO, Jessica