blemish prone skin

Blemish prone and oily skin can be so frustrating. Enter our Countercontrol Regimen, a skin problem solver from the tween who is just needing something simple, or someone that struggles daily with blemish prone and oily skin. As a brand advocate with Beautycounter, my clients LOVE this line because they see a transfomation of their skin and it carries over into their life. Having great skin really is a game changer.

We have an entire regimen (4-5 steps) BUT before you commit to the entire regimen, please reach out so I can personalize a plan for you. You may not need everything from Countercontrol and might need to mix and match from our other lines for optimum results for your skin needs.

If you are shopping for your tween or teen, let’s start with one or two products because we know they will NOT do a five step regimen. Let’s choose something for their skin that gets results but also do-able for them!